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someone without a heart.
if you can hear this little girl sing, and not smile you are the tin man.
by Jesse Colburn January 06, 2008
synonymous with a smile, a great day, or something that really makes your day better.

anything that makes your life enjoyable, relaxing, and inspiring.
i love you. you are my starbucks.
by Jesse Colburn March 05, 2008
to vent, use a lot of words, free form rap, a braindump of ideas.

could be used to describe a lengthy blog post, or a boring speech.

can be used in a positive or negitive way.
wow honey, that was quite a spill.
by Jesse Colburn August 14, 2007
lack of sleep, or when you owe yourself some rest becasue you have been too busy.

when you are not getting enough sleep, and need to calculate how much you owe your body

sleep account is negative, or in the red

first used by British airways
and also sited on multiple occasions by lifehacker.com
i've been gathering some serious sleep debt since i have started pulling these all-nighters on a regular basis.
by Jesse Colburn March 04, 2008
to be awake, out of bed, or standing up.
dude, it's 3am. i will text you back when i am upright.
by Jesse Colburn January 23, 2008
a combination of destroy and instructions.

used to describe complicated instructions that will probably send any honest hard-working dad into a furious string of cursing as he attempts to put together toys, furniture, and other assemble-yourself our-priced trinkets.
husband: "#$%&@! i can't get this &*^%$!'n thing to work!"
wife: "did you read the destructions?"
by Jesse Colburn January 02, 2008
a way to refer to the fact that you have time to get high until your next drug test or job.

also can be a reference to relaxation or taking it easy. getting a break.
when i get back (from military service) i will have 90 days to decompress.no drill. no piss test...
by Jesse Colburn January 02, 2008

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