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4 definitions by Jesse & Erik

Out of control, unmanageable, insanely hardcore
"I thought he was going to lose the fight, but then he went savage and gouged the guys eyes out and ate them"

"This term paper is sooo savage"
by Jesse & Erik July 31, 2004
283 169
To be really hardcore; vicious
That girl was sooo savage.
I failed my final; it was soo savage.
by Jesse & Erik July 30, 2003
16 9
Overwhelmingly intense or savage to the highest degree.
To have great magnitude in every aspect.
Oh my god this is such a beastlord of a project!!!1

by Jesse & Erik July 30, 2003
4 1
People online originally said elite. Then this changed to leet. Then this changed to L33t. Then this changed to 1337.

Now, the final evolution is L3.

1Rl3=I am L3
gamer1: 1RL3

gamer2: fuxj00 nub
by Jesse & Erik July 31, 2004
10 27