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The most irritating laugh that is found in the song beep by PCD. (pussy cat dolls).
Also see:
dumbass bitches, i hate pcd
preppy loser:i dont give a BEEP keep looking at my BEEP, imma do my thing while your playing with your BEEP. huahuahuahua!
me: go fuck yourself with a knife.
by Jess is a sicka May 07, 2006
People working together in a society, where no violence or law would really exist. Sort of like the aboriginals before Christopher columbus discovered north america. Anarchy could exist but not nowadays because of all the corrupt people in the world. If people were born and isolated from the rest of the worlds corruptness then it would probably work.
freak: o gof avril is so00o anarchy.
me: i lov aboriginess cuz dey r anarchy.
freak: o gof, y dont dey hav da anarchy symbol on their hands den?
by Jess is a sicka May 12, 2006

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