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4 definitions by Jess "Danny"

An extremely awesome venue in Minneapolis, MN know for it's smaller shows held in the Ascot Room
We're on our way to The Quest to see Four Letter Lie, are you coming?
by Jess "Danny" January 31, 2005
6 1
A small room on the second floor of The Quest where local shows are usually held.
You gonna go see Somerset at the Ascot Room?
by Jess "Danny" January 31, 2005
4 0
The modified form of Frank Iero
Hey look, it's Frankie-ro!
by Jess "Danny" January 31, 2005
7 3
A man being ass raped by another man.
Wow, check that snizzle
by Jess "Danny" January 29, 2005
10 20