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2 definitions by Jes-this

1)My sister
2)the twisty things on a screw
3)an insult related to the words idiot, stupid loser, ass munch, fart sack, dick weed, etc.
Man, Fuzz is such a screw loop.
by Jes-this November 24, 2006
1) The sap that comes out of a tree.
2) A really tall guy going for a pee.
3) The piss on a tree left over by a guy or many guys who've done their buisiness there.
4) An insult related to the words slut, skank, whore, biznatch, hoze-bag, etc.
Courtney is such tree piss, there's no guy who hasn't done her over atleast once.
by Jes-this November 25, 2006