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When you look in the fridge, find nothing appetizing to eat and just continue to stare blankly towards the back of the firdge in a coma like state as if something delicious will appear right before your very eyes.
Kid #1) bro whats in the fridge i got the munchies. Bro? Dudeeee????Whats in the fukin FRIDGE!!!!???

Kid #2) Sorry i was in a fridge coma, we don't got jack shit.
by Jerz973 July 02, 2010
The passing around of multiple blunts in a cyphe consisting of at least 8 people
Kid #1) Yo what you doing tonight
Kid #2) Were gettin a super cyphe dude 7 blunts on 10 heads!
by Jerz973 June 29, 2010
a combination of chicken noodle soup, 2 tylenol PM's, and ginger ale.
Kid #1) Yo, you feelin better bro?
Kid #2)Cha dude my mom gave me the blue collar vaccine.
by Jerz973 June 15, 2010

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