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To give homage to where your from, usually with a nickname like Motor City, an area code like 305 or just saying the name like The Bronx.
I represent New Jersey and Manhattan
by Jersey Kid January 29, 2008
Normal people, no we aren't homophobic, ignorant conformists. We just don't like hearing about your problems. Also emo music is awful, it just talks about death and morbid stuff. I am an emo hater.
Emo: You don't get me! You conformist bitch. Your homophobic and jealous, and don't like our music! Emo hater!

Me: Okay I'm a conformist, what does that make you? A guy in girl's jeans that wears make up and writes poetry. Yea, real cool.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
When large well known cities are not the capital of a state, the capital usually winds up being a city that no one ever hears about. Examples, Harrisburg PA, Albany NY, Carson City, Nevada etc.
Person: Wtf? Philadelhpia isn't the capital of PA? NYC isn't the capital of NY!!?!? Las Vegas isn't the capital of Nevada?!?!?

Me: Yup, there all false capitals
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
How someone trying to imitate a Boston accent would say "Boston"

*I'm not from Boston so I don't know if they say that or not, I'm from NJ and we sure as hell don't say Joisey, see boston accent, New Jersey Accent, Jurzee
West Coast Person: Oh my gahd, I'm from Bawstin
West Coast Person: Oh my gawd, I'm from New Joisey
West Coast Person: Oh Lawdy, I is from Nawlinz, Loosiana

Boston, Jersey, and New Orleans person: Stfu, stop trying to imitate our accent, you don't even do it right
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008
Stereotype definition: A white person living in the south or midwest that dislikes minorities, enjoys nascar, hunting and sleeps with family members.

True Definition: A simple person living in a rural area, usually in the south or midwest who is hard working, hence the name redneck from being out in the fields working
I am from the North, New Jersey but I still know that most of the people in the south aren't like the stereotpe definition. A redneck is just a simple hardworking person, the other stuff is just stereotyping.
by Jersey Kid February 21, 2008
It's just a store that sells clothes to teenagers.
- Yes, some of the items are overpriced
- They actually do have some good band t-shirts
- It does NOT make you "emo" if you shop there
Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hot topic, their all just stores, it doesn't make you a prep if you shop at abercrombie or a emo if you shop at hot topic
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
1) How people from the West (besides California) say Soda. Some idiot said people from the North say it. I live in NJ, have been to Boston, go to NYC alot, and Philly, have never heard a local call it "pop", most people would either look at you weird or just assume you were a tourist. I'm not making fun of the way you guys say pop, I just want to get the point across that it's a western thing.

2) Genre of music, "famous" artists include Brittney Spears, Hillary Duff, Hannah Montanna, etc. Intended for little girls and pre-teens.
1) Can I get a glass of pop?
2) OOH. mY. GAWD!!!! Let's L!sten to sUm pOp mUZicK.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
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