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An Italian-American plumber named after the land lord of Shigeru Miyamoto back in the early 80's. Mario, originally a carpenter, fights evil creatures such as: Donkey Kong (they later become friends), Koopas (bad turtles ruled by King Koopa more commonly called Bowser), goombas (evil mushroomesque fellows), piranha plants, and many more.

Mario's younger brother, Luigi, and he own a small plumbing business in Brooklyn. They were once summoned to an emercengy plumbing problem at which they were required to fix a shower. Upon completion of the task, both of the brothers were sucked into the shower head and transported undergroung. Thus begun their adventures. IN the beginning, all they had to do was jump on turtles ad crabs that came out of pipes, but later they were magically transported to another world. They came to the Mushroom Kingdom. Here it was that they had to rescue the princess and fight the evil hordes of Bowser's army. Mario and Luigi both can use numerous powers such as: a cape, the toonooki, the frog suit, the star, fireballs, metal cap, and many more. They also have a dinosaur buddy named Yoshi that they ride upon and force to consume enemies and berry-like fruits.

Super Mario games have proven to be some of the most entertaining and fun games of all time. They are without a doubt the best action/platformers of all time.
You... You wanna play Boggle or Super Mario Brothers?
by Jerry Friends December 18, 2003
Loosely translated from Japanese, it means, "Hurricane Kick". Those who study the Shatokan Karate style can perform it. The martial artist who uses the technique kicks off of the ground and spins with one leg perpendicular to the rest of the body. The spinning motion, when making contact, will repeatedly hit the fighter's opponent. Different fighter perform it slightly differently. Some hit more times than others while some can soar much farther with it. Akuma is the only fighter to master the Tatsu-maki Senpu-kyaku, for only he can go great distances and hit hit opponent a maximum of 5 times. Ken does not go very far, but he can hit 5 times. Ryu goes very far, but can only hit 3 times. Other characters that can perform the move or a similar move are: Sakura, Guy, Dan Hibiki, and Chun-Li Xiang (actually called the Spining Bird Kick, it is basically an upside-down hurricane kick)

The Tatsu-maki Senpu-Kyaku can hover over Fireball and Hadoken blast in later Street Fighter games, but in the earlier days, it would be stopped mid-flight by any projectile.

It is performed by making a quarter circle motion on the controller, moving from down to away from the opponent. At the end of that motion, press kick.
Oh a Hadoken eh? Well, I'll just sail over it and pummel you in the face repeatedly with my Tatsu-maki Senpu-kyaku. And if you're lucky, I might even have enough energy to unleash the uber-devastating, Shinku Tatsu-maki Senpu-kyaku. You'll be KOed like no other. WORD!
by Jerry Friends December 17, 2003
Noun- A Heba Onix is a perfect female specimen. Often the scale for basing human attractiveness is based on a scale of one to ten. Ten being the highest and best looking. Few females have achieved the 10 status, but when deciding on an atractiveness level, Heba Onix is the person that defines the 10 and all other subjects are based on. Heba Onix and "10" sometimes become interchangable in this respect.
Question- On a scale of one to Heba Onix, how good looking was she?
Answer- She was pretty darn attractive, but in comparison to Heba Onix, I would have to say she's a four.
by Jerry Friends September 23, 2004
The hero of the Mortal Kombat. He is the main protagonist oaccording to the story line of the series. Similar to Ryu from Street Fighter, he is a Japanese Martial artist. Liu fights in the Mortal Kombat tournament to protect the Earth realm from the evil forces that wish to rule it. Liu has the ability to transform into a giant dragon and devour his enemies. He also is known to shoot fireballs made from harnessing his life energy.

Also can be used as a verb. To "go Liu Kang" on someone is to fiercely pummel them. I created this usage, because it sounds better than to "go Ryu" although to "go Blanka" is pretty good too.
Only Liu Kang can protect our realm from the forces of Shao Kahn.

I'm gonna go Liu Kang on your ass, sucka!
by Jerry Friends December 18, 2003

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