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(n.) A magical time of year where Jesus Christ rises from the grave to feast on the flesh of the living, so we all sing Christmas carols to lull him back to sleep.
Johnny celebrates Christmas with his family by singing Christmas carols to ward off Zombie Jesus.
by Jerrodimus Prime December 16, 2004
proper n.) Popularized by the adult swim cartoon, "Sealab 2021", they are the supposed masterminds behind the world's governments, financial systems, and media outlets; the "owners" of the world.
The real reason Kennedy was shot was because he stiffed one of the Five Jew Bankers on a bar tab.
by Jerrodimus Prime February 04, 2006
slang. - taking anabolic steroids
Rumor has it that the reason Barry Bonds is able to hit so many home runs is because he's "on the juice".
by Jerrodimus Prime February 15, 2005
1. - (n.) a mythical being of diminuitive stature that lives in a woman's vagina.

2. - (n.) a cowardly person of diminuative stature.
1.) Sally's gynocologist was quite surprised when, during a routine checkup, he discovered a pussy-gnome residing within her uterus.

2.) Don't be such a "pussy-gnome", Billy, and go score us some weed!
by Jerrodimus Prime December 15, 2004
(v.) the act of having sexual intercourse.

Origins: an episode of "Family Guy"

Past tense: Did the dew

Future tense: Do the dew
With a little bit of charm, luck, and a half-empty bottle of Tequilla, Johnny will be "doing the dew" with Susan tonight.
by Jerrodimus Prime December 15, 2004
(slang): to be impotent
Billy wanted to be intimate with Becky, but was, unfortunately, "Limp as a Bizkit".
by Jerrodimus Prime January 25, 2005

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