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Key character in the movie, The Big Lebowski. A German porn star who came to fix the cable.
Karl Hungus has a big dick and he came to fix the cable. See Big Lebowski.
by Jerome Jenkins May 13, 2006
When fecal matter in a toilet is only partly submerged in water and partially lay on the dry porcelain of the toilet bowl.
"Shit. Look at that beached whale! Sorry brown buddy, I didn't mean to let you perish like that."
by Jerome Jenkins April 29, 2006
(BMM) The brown streaking marks left in a toilet bowl after flushing large amounts of soft fecal matter. Usually the result of eating burritos and drinking multiple beers.
"Ricardo is gonna kill me. I brown magic markered his toilet. Fuck! Hand me a towel"
by Jerome Jenkins April 29, 2006
Mario and Luigi's latest adventure. They search for dick, jump into pipes, consume mushrooms, bust bricks with their heads, and fuck innocent turtles. That's what Italian plumbers do.
Yo nigga, you get the new Super Whorio Bros. - Dick Hunt combo game yet? That's some phaggoty shit, but I can't stop playing!
by Jerome Jenkins May 13, 2006
The male sex organ of a chicken.

An insult aimed at someone who has a dick that is the size of chicken's.

Herbert's lady friend laughed and pointed at his cock-dick when he whipped it out for her pleasure. She grabbed a magnifying glass instead.
by Jerome Jenkins May 13, 2006
Man, I'd Like to Plug Her

May be used in conjunction with MILF.
Jerome: Shitkins! Check out that MILPH!
Albert: MILF? Where?! She's 16, dude.
Jerome: Not MILF, dickeye. MILPH!
Albert: Ohhh. Fuck yeah! Albert want some.
Jerome: She's mine, muthaphucka. Step off.
by Jerome Jenkins May 13, 2006
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