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A specific sexual act where the man has rough anal sex with either another male or a female, and right as he is about to ejaculate, he pulls his penis out of the anal cavity and allows himself to cum on the outside of his partner's butt hole. He then places his face right in front of the butt hole and his partner farts- causing an explosion of semen in the man's face. The man then has the decision to either injest his own cum or clean it off.
Shawn was having butt sex with M. Shadows but M. Shadows did not want Shawn to ejaculate within his small intestine so M. Shadows proposed that they engage in performing the european steamboat. After a quick explanation, Shawn was incredibly excited to perform this act.
by Jeremy19 August 04, 2007
Extremely popular post-rock band from Montreal, Canada with such popular songs like "Moya", "The Dead Flag Blues" and "Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls". The band is known for creating very long, slow paced songs with complex song structures utilizing instruments such as guitars, drums, violins, keyboards and and array of pre-recorded sounds as well as speeches. Their longest song is "Providence" from their album entitled "F#A# Infinity" clocking in at 29:04. In the beginning of their career, they were known as "Godspeed You Black Emperor!", but the name was later changed to have the exclamation point after the word "You". The band got the name from a 1976 black and white Japanese documentary film about a Japanese biker gang known as "The Black Emperors". Their song "Moya" shares the same name of a former member of the band Mike Moya, who along with Efrim Menuck and Mauro Pezzente formed Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Moya left the band to pursue his own band called "Hrsta"; another post rock band residing in Montreal, Canada.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor is amazing. Buy all their albums. No seriously, buy all their albums right now!
by Jeremy19 March 07, 2008
Vocalist and original founding member of Doom Metal/Alternative Metal band Katatonia Jonas Renkse did harsh screamed vocals on their first album Dance of December Souls but stepped down his vocal duties for their second album Brave Murder Day because of chronic tonsilitus and let his good friend Michael Akerfeldt (Vocalist of Opeth and original vocalist of Bloodbath perform the vocal duties. After that from the album Discourages Ones untill recent, Jonas resumed his vocal duties and is still currently the frontman of Katatonia
Jassiie: Nine Inch Nails rocks!! I am so in love with Trent Reznor.

Jeremy: Bitch please! We all know that Jonas Renkse is the greatest man ever!
by Jeremy19 August 04, 2007

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