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An Asian friend used as an accomplice (and catalyst) to pick-up women.
Chen is going to play wongman tonight at the bars--he's money with the ladies.
#wingman #asian #chinese #pick-up artist #game
by Jeremy Ko November 17, 2007
Those seemingly shallow looking puddles that appear off the sidewalks of NYC shortly after a rain or snow storm that turn out to be giant lakes only after you step into them.
I totally soaked my sock stepping into a faux puddle, it's a mirage of water.
#nyc #puddle #sidewalk #water #snow #rain #wet sock
by Jeremy Ko December 28, 2010
The disproportionally large rear of a woman who has had several children.
Better watch what you eat or you're gonna get that motherbutt.
#butt #ass #booty #big buts #junk in the trunk
by Jeremy Ko January 04, 2012
Consistently receiving low scoring letters in a game of Scrabble or Words with Friends, making is very difficult to win.
Tammy only won the Words with Friends game because the computer letter raped me the entire game.
#scrabbe #words with friends #board games #spelling #letters
by Jeremy Ko December 27, 2011
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