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An abbreviation for Penis Touching Freaks. First used by Erica Seeley to describe her two friends.
Get away from me you P.T.F.'s
by Jeremiah December 21, 2004
this is the question you ask when you've sneezed and you want to make sure there is no green on display
"ATCHOOOOO, shit am i hangin with mr cooper?"
"nah mate, the courts clear!!"
by jeremiah May 13, 2003
A dance held at South Pasadena High School on March 19, 2005.
Yes Lucy, I will go to Backwards with you.
by Jeremiah March 03, 2005
fat fucks we call them 5.0 pigs nigger chasers dick heads donut lovers krispy kreame robbers low life skateboard theifs
i was riding my fucking skateboard and i get the mother fucker taken by the 5.0
by Jeremiah June 27, 2004
1. being angry or pissed
2. being sore or hurting
1. yo when he got beat for $10 he was swole as hell
2. Yo I was swole from all that liftin
by Jeremiah May 23, 2003
1.The act of being upset, mad, angry;
2. being sore
1.That bitch was swole as hell when he got beat for his cash
2.Yo i'm swole from all that liftin
by Jeremiah May 23, 2003
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