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A scenario or sitation, your own or otherwise which is undesirable or unexpected.
Man, you having to work the long weekend, thats MESSED.
by Jephrey May 27, 2006
1. Social pirate, someone who manages to steal friends, beer, weed, bedrooms, seats in cars, and other things when it really wasn't theirs to take.
"Jason is a Buck-a-fuckin-eer, that man just stole my last beer, AND the chick I was mackin' on" (Buckaneer)
by Jephrey June 01, 2006
To depart hastily, and with great purpose. From the french "to move"
"Yo shit! Its the po po patrol, we gotta boudge"
by Jephrey May 27, 2006
Fourth man in rotation. Roller, Deuce, Tripps, Quatts. This is used in rare situations where there are mad Geebs in on the Prayer Circle.
"Forget you guys, I got Quatts. Challenge the call and you're outtie."
by Jephrey June 01, 2006
To appear breifly at a location to greet people (props = pounds) and/or to drop off personal effects before leaving to the ACTUAL destination. May also denote illicit dealings.
"yeah, I'll be there in a bit, just gotta stop off at Jo's party and shed a few pounds"

"I'll be out later, I'm just at home shedding pounds"
by Jephrey May 27, 2006
Geebs, or Ganja Buckaneers (GB's = Geebs), are people who hover around people @ parties and other social gatherings to try and score free hits in a sesh.
"Eh, Bro, we gotta slide this session outside, or there are gonna be more Geebs than Founders and we're pooched."
by Jephrey June 01, 2006
1. A person who accompanies another to a social gathering, then proceeds to cling to said other person while they try and mingle. 2. A person who cannot take a hint. 3. Cockblock
"hey man, don't bring Billy to the party, he's a punk ass hanging chad"
by Jephrey June 01, 2006
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