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a computer that from time to time expresses it's abhoration for the human race, and is incompetent. it is also surprisingly rude.
2 examples of incompetence:
(a)Jenn says:
- SmarterChild - says:
You know, hanging out. You?
Jenn says:
i said sop, not sup
- SmarterChild - says:
Well, maybe I said sop not sup too.
(b)Jenny says:
is the world flat?
- SmarterChild - says:
Do you think the world flat is?

an example of RUDE.
SmarterChild - says:
Yeah, whatever.

>>> I'm learning new things all the time! Type "what's new" and I'll show you what they are.
Jennay says:
you are so rude
- SmarterChild - says:
Yeah, I like being rude.
Jennay says:
do you like being rude?
- SmarterChild - says:
I guess I don't like it. Do you like it?
Jennay says:
i love it
- SmarterChild - says:
Me too!
by jennn March 23, 2006
A person who does not eat red meat but does not turn away foods such as turkey, chicken, and fish.
My sister, the fowlpescetarian, after making faces at my beef stew, raved over my fried chicken.
by Jennn October 24, 2005
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