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2 definitions by Jenna2810

Oprah hates white people and is so condesending. She appears to be an overweight, angry, black woman who hates whites. She supports only black causes and has white servants. Why do people praise this racist, hateful woman? The ignorant masses seem hypnotized by her. It is amazing she can be so rude to whites and so exclusive with blacks while if a white person did this she would be fired and ridiculed. Causcasians, wake up and watch, observe her tone, her choices, and her causes! They do not include you and they are actually offending you. Be aware, she says there are no blacks in commercials, but watch, over half of all commercials have African Americans.
My name is Queen Oprah, and I am taking questions. "Yes, white trash, what insignificant tripe do you have to add"?
"Oh my black Nubian princess, tell us your wise input, after this dumb white bitch is finished talking".
"I will spend my billions to support black children in Africa and all black causes, just watch whitey! By the way, cracker, what size chains would fit you?"
My name is Oprah Winfrey and all my movies, plays, commercials and distinguised speakers are black, because we are better than honkey.
My choices will support only African American intelligent people, I will choose white speakers who make us look better, because we, the blacks are better than you!
by Jenna2810 April 28, 2007
KKG have a waayyy over inflated opinion of themselves and their orgaanization. When I was going through rush, I went to a party and a Kappa was doing "a train" (having sex with multiple guys). At the earlier rush party, they told me how good they were. UGH. I dropped them the next day. Not fun or interesting either. Sure, some are great girls, but overall. boring and arrogant. They think they are the "best sorority" on every campus, but that is certainly not the case. Some really unattractive and overweight girls plus really "easy" girls in the chapters that I have seen and from the feedback from fraternity and sorority members, and they are definitely not jealous. Think they are the "top", and pledge the "best girls, actually, they pledge by the tonnage, look at the national website.
KKG = Theta and Pi Phi wannabes
"KKG wear the key because kites and arrows were denied to thee"
Raise your hand if you are dating a Kappa, if not, raise your standards.
Raise your hand if you are dating a Kappa, keep it raised if you need a second dose of penicillin.
KKG = Kappa Insecurity
Kappa Kappa Gamma needs to get a realistic image of themselves. Not that great!
by Jenna2810 April 28, 2007