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Long Island is a part of New York State where all people from Manhattan look down on and make fun of and hate with a passion.
They have no culture, fashion, nightlife, etc. There is nothing to do on Long Island but go to the mall, get drunk, play cards, gossip, and do drugs. Most people who are from Long Island think they are superior and regard Manhattan as a dump. Just shows how ignorant these people are.
On the weekends Long Islanders invade Manhattan to go to the clubs, restaurants, bars. Pretty funny since they say they hate Manhattan. They ruin any part of Manhattan they visit. Once Long Island people start hanging out at a popular Manhattan club, no one from manhattan attends anymore and the club closes done.
Long Islanders have no fashion sense or style. They wear clothes from Kmart and are stuck in 1996. They couldnt tell a Versace shirt from a Kmart brand shirt.
They also could never afford to live in Manhattan.
I feel bad for anyone who knows anyone from Long island, they are as*sholes.
"Chris is from Long Island, he plays poker at night, gets drunk and wears Kmart Clothes. He says people like me from manhattan have nothing since we have the most popular musuems in the country, have the best restaurants, and best nightlife. Chris is a typical ignorant Long Islander"
by Jenmaker October 14, 2005
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