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A terrible boy band who almost every girl in the world is obsessed with.

Joe Jonas: A total jerk who sounds like Miley Cyrus mixed with two cats fighting. He tries to sound sexy when he sings, but in all, he fails epically at life.

Kevin Jonas: Use to have a cool hair style until he got that gay perm. Now he looks like he's a creepy 30 year old pedophile.

Nick Jonas: Because he's diabetic, all diabetic girls fall in love with him and cry because he suffers everyday. I get it. My best friend is a diabetic and she's in love with Nick, but that's not the only reason you should love him. You should love him for more reasons (if you can find any). (PS: I'm not hating on diabetics). He supposedly writes all the songs. Well, they suck. He tries to sound nice, but really he sounds like a squirrel with a sore throat.

The TV Show: Super bad acting. I just got done watching the Halloween episode with my mom and brother (I don't have power over the TV unfortunately). Kevin is the worse.
JB fangirl: Hey! Have you seen the Jonas Brothers in concert??? THEY WERE AWESOME!

Normal girl: What the hell. You actually went to see them? They suck!


Normal girl: Good music? JONAS BROTHERS SUCK!!! -kicks JB fangirl into a dark abyss-
by Jenica Arcos October 17, 2009

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