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Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French pervertir, from Latin pervertere to overturn, corrupt, pervert, from per- thoroughly + vertere to turn --

1 a : to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right or what is generally done or accepted b : one given to some form of sexual perversion c : an aberrant sexual practice especially when habitual and preferred to normal coitus d : someone which has these characteristics and can act upon: bastardize, bestialize, brutalize, corrupt, debauch, demoralize, deprave, warp
Piele's are perverted. These are the people that you want to keep from dating your older or younger sister or cousin or next door neighbor because all they want to do is to defile them.
by Jendo December 09, 2004
1. This gal's always at the most (in)convenient places for the Jyuusenkyoo-ized gang. She lurks around corners and behind fences armed only with the evil water splasher. After the ambush she blatantly ignores her dripping victim.
2. a woman whose occupation is washing clothes
1. That damn washer woman got me again, then she left me there dripping in her leftovers.
2. Way down the road where nobody goes,
There's a boogie-woogie washer woman washing her clothes.
by Jendo March 16, 2004
Etymology: Middle English cunte; akin to Middle Low German kunte female pudenda

1 generally obscene : a word expressing affection; showing a remarkable one of its kind.
Flood: Bin Ladin is such a cunt!

Jen: Eww, don't ever use that word around me. I hate that word.

Jaron: Cunty, Cunty, Cunty.

(Jen disgusted yet mildly amused gives Jaron the stare of vengeance.)

Jaron: Oh Cunty, come over here and cuddle with me and let me pet your head.

(Jen proceeds to go get mauled by Jaron)
by Jendo October 14, 2004
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