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A man or woman who sports the requisite mullet, tight acid washed jeans, hi top sneakers with fat tongues hanging out, a Warrant shirt (or paraphernalia of some such other dirty hair metal band). The turbo loves cars, but due to dire financial straits, can usually not afford a nice one, sometimes opting for a bicycle of equally low caliber.
Larry is such a turbo. I saw him riding home from the beer store with a case of Coors Light on his handlebars. His mullet was flying in the wind and his jeans were so tight I thought he was gonna pass out!
by Jenabee October 18, 2010
The sort of button-down shirt worn by a man who has an overly inflated midsection. The Gutton-Down slims and hides the protruding belly fat that can be unsightly when a man wears a t-shirt.
Note: Vertical stripes are favoured.
Man, Leon has put on a bit of weight since he broke up with his girlfriend. It's a good thing he's sporting his new Gutton-Down, it helps to make him look slimmer.
by Jenabee October 07, 2010

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