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6 definitions by Jen Minola

A fad, commercial hook or type of propaganda in which an item which is trashy, cheap, useless and overpriced is given grandiose purpose and meaning which transparently contradicts its nature. Usually it only takes one person to notice how stupid poshlust is in order to kill it, but most people don't want to lose their sense of false-belonging so in our soft-drink-and-game-show culture they embrace new poshlust at every chance.
Jeopardy Contestant-- "I'll take words from Russia for $600, Alex."

Alex Trebek-- "The answer is: Support Our Troops stickers on an SUV, $300 jeans made to look old, and Paris Hilton trying to be like Common People."

Winning Contestant-- "What is poshlust?"
by Jen Minola September 20, 2005
The feeling of sudden and impending doom after receiving a gift from a coworker or classmate who gave you a gift in spite of the fact that you have nothing in common except that you are coworkers or classmates. This gift is always generic, pointless, useless and frequently related to some sort of poshlust fad.
Anna from the front row actually stood there and made me open it in front of her. I couldn't pretend I had no Christmas Cringe so now she's telling everyone what a bitch I am for not liking the light-up reindeer socks she gave me.
by Jen Minola December 01, 2005
Details added to embellish or excuse an online scam once someone has started to question the situation.

The term arose from an online scam involving a livejournal user named city_glitter who allegedly attempted to raise money for her credit card debt by claiming her cat had been set on fire and needed emergency surgery. When another user foxfurred her in a live chat, she repeatedly attempted to cover the scam with more lies.
When David's false story about finding a finger in his chili made the news, he attempted to cover his tracks with city glitter.
by Jen Minola July 13, 2005
A ridiculous mandatory procedure passed down from management or another department which only serves to slow down communication or production.

Derived from an episode of Danger Man/ Secret Agent starring Patrick McGoohan in which two spies meet at a cafe and are forced to use the code phrases, "What'll we have, coffee and eggs for two?" with the response "Why not make it scrambled?" in spite of the fact that they know each other.

It is also sometimes shortened to "servings of coffee and eggs" if more than one procedure appears at a time.
I was late to the meeting because my report was stuck in coffee and eggs for two.
by Jen Minola July 13, 2005
the wave of nausea that hits you when you read about forthcoming books by people you went to college or even once slept with that came out to great acclaim while you haven’t written anything in….ever. Coined in a contest at The Old Hag and picked up with days by the online writing community.
While perusing the trades for new releases to stock her bookstore, Janine was overcome with penvy at the sight of her ex-boyfriend's picture next to what would probably be his second bestseller.
by Jen Minola July 12, 2005
(verb) to outfox an online scammer in an internet chatroom or blog. Also, (noun) a person who hunts and successfully outwits someone engaging in an online scam.
Suspicious of inconsistencies, Harry began to foxfur David in the chatroom by asking for the name of his son's doctor before he donated money, and it eventually came out that David had no son.
by Jen Minola July 12, 2005