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one is owns all and is sexified to unimaginable extents.

antonym: pussy, queer, homo
the karim has taken over the planet yet again
by Jen September 04, 2003
a pound of the bess shit on the earth *weed*
yo i got a brick, MAN!
by Jen December 23, 2003
Something people say to get ass.
Wanna have sex with me? No? Okay, rape it is!
by Jen January 07, 2004
1. A party hosted by many women where only one man is invited (often times a hired stripper), with the sole purpose of ganging up on him and humiliating him sexually, generally without his knowledge or consent.
Chris attended his neighborhood cupcake party, and his fragile ego was systematically warped after hours of freaky dehumanizing sex.
by Jen April 25, 2005
A word you use to explain the person your in love with.Everything they do is just so perfect..even thier imperfections.
Steve is perfect to me. Everything about him is just so amazing and awesome
by Jen December 17, 2004
Successful underground accoustic/funk rock trio. Sold over 200,000 albums nationwide on their independent label (Bomber Records).
Brad Corrigan (Braddigan)- vocals, drums, guitar, percussion
Chad Urmston (Chetro)- vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Pete (Francis) Heimbold- vocals, bass, guitar
by jen August 10, 2003
A speculum is a device that allows one to gently open a body cavity (ie. the vagina or anus). It generally consists of two smooth spatulas which move apart when the handle is squeezed.
Billy used the 'speculum' to open Gary's anus.
by Jen November 13, 2003

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