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The only place in the world where a person can be seen flipping someone off with one hand, talking on a cell phone, reading the newspaper and drinking a latte, all while doing 90 in the right lane of the thruway.
When I moved from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles I sold my car and killed myself.
by jem March 05, 2004
Yorkshire term 'Easy, Tiger!' meaning calm down.
'I'm gonna kill you'
'Easy, Tiger!'
by Jem November 04, 2003
derived from the words 'good' and 'day', gday is an australian word used to greet ones mate buddy or cobber.
person 1: gday mate, how goes it true blue fair dinkum aussie bloke?
person 2: it goes great cobber, hows yourself?
person 1: well my missus has been mad at me because i stayed at the pub too long drinking emu export
person 2: dont worry buddy, come around to my place later and we can watch the footy and drink booze
person 1: your a true mate cob, fair dinkum
by Jem January 04, 2005
dervired from the german word shizen meaning shit and with the addition of houzen meaning house,
thats shizen houzen
by jem October 16, 2003
A term used to ask if one is serious about the comment they just made. (wog term)
Are you from syria mate??? oh my god
by jem August 16, 2004
The biggest slut in school gives these to the borders most nights. One dude on each side giving them handjobs.
Lucy went downhill skiing, her poles were miles and josh.
by jem August 17, 2004
another example of American society's unwillingness, or perhaps inability, to embrace a diverse, pluralistic society by creating absurd definitions and labels that are based on irrational fears of sexuality, socially ingrained stereotypes, and in general, a thoughtless, mindless, unexperienced, rigged, and isolated American way of life.
contrary to conventional wisdom, personal hygiene, skin care, and a positive self image are not directly correlated with sucking penis...there are countless examples of this arcross the word. if you need specifics we imagine you lack substatial life experience.
by jem June 22, 2004
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