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A man-sized dinosaur who plays a keyboard (or other annoying electronic instrument) in an attempt to bond with the other dinosaurs, who are blatantly cooler than him. Unfortunately, the Tibenorous only eats pony shaped foods (mainly potatoes carved into the aforementioned shape), making it repulsive to the other dinosaurs.
In effect, anybody trying to claw their way up the social ladder can be compared to a Tibenorous.
Nerd: Hey Cassandra, I just bought a new battling robot. Would you like to come and see it?

*Nerd secretly jizzes in pants at mention of robots*

Cheerleader (to other cheerleader friends): OMG! He is such a friggin' Tibenorous! I literally want to cut myself right now. This is more painful than when Paul donkey punched me last night...
by JellyfishLicker February 20, 2012

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