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A guy who is a fail at life, he has lost his balls and the girl has taken them to play with.
A guy who has..or thinks he has a girl who is too good for him so he puts in extra effort thus becoming pussy whipped
Guy 1:dude ur so pussy whipped

Guy 2:dude shes hot
Guy 1: wow u fail cant wait till we have to nurse your dumbass back to health after she dumps your pussy whipped ass
Guy 2: no she wont she loves me
Guy 1: Fail
by Jelly and Jeffy February 09, 2010
nub and noob are not the same thing and everyone has it wrong on this site.

pwned them
noob:people who do idiotic things, fail miserably, and will never be good at the game
nub: people who are not anywhere's as close as good as the person who just pwned them, similar to a scrub
Guy 1: wow nub, get pwned...grenade then headshot ty

Guy 2: yah he didnt see that coming
by Jelly and Jeffy February 09, 2010
1. What a person is called when the person who feels is getting teased is weak, grow some balls man up and take control, the one getting teased is only whining cause their weak.
if its legitly not 1. then its...

2. A person whom derives their self esteem from the feeling that they could have certain people, pity these people because they have no real self esteem, its totally dependent upon others, they would break down emotionally if they felt people didnt like them.
1. guy 1: dude that girl is such a tease

guy 2: no your just a pussy go actually talk to her in real life...

guy 1:....

guy 2: she's not a tease your just a pussy, and thats why your a virgin.
2. friend of tease: she talks to like the same 5 guys everyday and doesn't even like them

Friend of tease 2: I know maybe she'll start to like one...but at least shes not depressed everyday now
by Jelly and Jeffy February 09, 2010

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