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4 definitions by JelizaRose

shut the shit up; more like a sister to stfu...
idiot10: ur so ghey
jeliza: stsu
by JelizaRose March 07, 2008
67 29
fuck the shit off; the last resort of the acronyms when dealing with utter plebs
pleb69: ur mom is so ghey
jeliza: ftso
by JelizaRose March 09, 2008
43 11
This is the definitive face of wrath
annoyingperson2007: wots ur favorit color?
jelizarose: pink
annoyingperson2007: oh ur so ghey
jelizarose: stsu >:{]
by JelizaRose July 03, 2008
7 1
shit the fuck off; for when stfu and stsu just won't do...
idiot11: ur so uptite u shud av teh sex wiv ur mom
jeliza: stfo
by JelizaRose March 09, 2008
41 61