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A song by Utada, probably the most popular song on her 2004 album EXODUS. Heavily influenced by literature, mainly Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven, lasting at 5:14.
A: "What's your favorite song on EXODUS?"
B: "Kremlin Dusk"
#kremlin #dusk #utada #hikaru #exodus
by Jeimii October 03, 2010
A 2004 album by released pop singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru (released under her stage name Utada), under the Island Def Jam label. Met with mediocre success in the US, but broke records in Japan for most sold English-language album in Japan. Also re-released in 2006 in the UK with a new album cover and 2 bonus tracks.
A: "What do you think to Utada's EXODUS?"
B: "Kremlin Dusk is my favorite track"
#utada #hikaru #exodus #2004 #island def jam
by Jeimii October 03, 2010
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