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Tit nazi (noun)
1. a woman whose prominent breasts substitute for respectful interaction with others
2. A woman who makes up in tits what she lacks in superego super ego = psychic apparatus that moderates the ego according to social and moral norms

Tit nazied (verb)
1. the act of disrespecting others as a result of feeling superior due a sense of entitlement that arises from one’s breasts

“Tit tripping” (intransitive verb)
- the experience of being in control of a social situation because of the power arising from the prominence of one’s breasts
"My bartender is an asshole, but her tits keep me coming back. She's such a tit nazi."

“Look how much of an asshole I can be, and yet they keep coming back. I’m so tit tripping.”

“I tit tripped my way into making a lot of tips.”
by Jehalexacy June 17, 2011

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