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Electronic Gothic. Started in the 80's as a breakoff fork-in-the-road to Industrial.
Clan of Xymox and Cruxshadows is Darkwave. Evanescence only wants to be.
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 02, 2004
One of the main highlighted sub-genres of Electronic music. Gained the name "Acid" for using the various soundscapes created by the 303 synthesizer along with the 4 on 4 beat. This is what started the term "rave" and went on from '88 to '92. Gained its name by Genesis P-Orridge of the famous Psychic TV/Throbbing Gristle industrial groups.
Phuture is awesome!
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 02, 2004
Sub-Genre of Electronic Breakbeat. Created by the Chemical Brothers. Style of music that has boomy bass and a pop style sound. Also refered to as Mainstream Electronic.
The Chemical Brothers, (late) The Prodigy, Wildchild, Cirrus and Junkie XL.
by Jefro the Nig Controller June 30, 2004
Possible sub-genre of Hardcore Techno/Gabber. Mostly created by one man: Alec Empire. Punk-Infused vocals on harsh Gabber noise. Claims to of orignated out of the late 80's Rave Scene.
Atari Teenage Riot is great to listen to while beating down whining pussy whipped Emo boys!
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 02, 2004
What you call some fat fucker when hes a total douche and cant do his job correctly.
Did you see Roberto out there? Man what a total fucking ASSWHISTLE
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 21, 2004
What you call niggers in St Louis. Just like how there is SLC Punk....theres STL Nig.
Man, you best watch out for those disqusting STL Nigs!
by Jefro the Nig Controller June 30, 2004
Trance of the 90's. More of a hit and miss sub-genre of Trance. It is not really "progressive" as it continues to do what the original Acid Trance once did...but then got worse. It also sounds exactly the same as the e-tarded Progressive House. Anyone who loves the music in this genre will think they are an "electronic know-it-all" and have an overinflated ego.
Robert Miles & DJ Sasha and Digweed start here
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 02, 2004

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