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A very intense sport which requires the use of every single muscle in you body to saty on when your horse decides he is finished. It also requires you to get up really early every saturday during summer the only time you have free because of school. It requires you to be out at the barn at any time 24/7 in the case that your horse decides to hurt himself and cost you hundreds of dollars or when you have to get ready for shows at 2 or 3 in the morning. Considered the hardest sport,excluding bullriding and broncos, because you are not controlling an inanimate object but one that has a mind of its own. It also requires immense amounts of time.
but in the end its all worth it.
what did you do this weekend?
nothing I was at a horse show.or I was horseback riding.

Hey you wanna do something tonight?
Can't have to go tend to my horse so I can get up at 2 am to go to a horse show.

How was your day?
great my horse just cost me a buttload of money for his vet bill.
by Jeffnjoe March 22, 2009

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