4 definitions by Jeff Latz

A long pass in the sport wordultimate
Holy crap he just threw a breakside forehand huck!
by Jeff Latz April 24, 2003
In wordultimate, when the thrower's marker reaches 3 in the stall count.
Stall 1, Stall 2, Stall 3, Stall 4...
by Jeff Latz April 24, 2003
To tap a frisbee already in flight in such a way to increase the spin while possibly altering its direction, or to tap on the center of the bottom of the disc to boost it higher into the air while retaining spin.
We were playing ultimate and he hucked it to me, but he put it a couple yards short of the endzone so I macked it in and caught it and we won.
by Jeff Latz April 24, 2003
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