1 definition by Jeff J-lo watch out ill throw some paint on u!!

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. An ok orginization that most people hate. I dont know why people hate them so much. They dont care if you have pets. There just trying to send a message that you shouldnt keep your pets on a chain outside all day. I mean most of the victims on animal cops are dogs chained outside all day starved. I think there are some things they could do better like spend there money on helping animals instead of making sticker and magnets. But honestly i think that animals and humans are on the same level. I mean what makes us so much better. We both shit, eat, and sleep. So all of you people who dedicate your time to tear PETA down. Spend your time on the real "bad guy". The labs, people who wear fur, and the people who abuse animals.
Look at J-lo shes wearing a mink fur coat. Lets throw a can of red paint on her.

Man i wish that peta would use more money on helping animals then making stickers.

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