11 definitions by Jeff Dailey

baby girl , what you want to see in the club , a hottie
jim and jeff showed in the club looking to see some bbg's it was a sausage factory, then a couple of honeys rolled up in the club, and we new panties would be dropping soon
by jeff dailey April 17, 2009
a drink, which is similar to a screwdriver, only vodka, orange juice topped off with cranberry juice, usually reserved for the true players in the club
last night Jeff and Jim bought Danielle her first player's punch. In the club, and let me say she was very greatful
by Jeff Dailey December 30, 2008
a fantasy football game that has the 2 best ballers in the league going head to head, stands for Game Of Mutha Fucking Year. A true bombastic match of the 2 Leaders
Man, Jeff is up against Todd this week, with both players having a 5-1 squad. Even lower half of league is keeping an eye on this GOMFY, certainly tacos and jackassery will reign supreme....one for the ages
by Jeff Dailey October 07, 2008
starting hand in texas holdem currently known as Kojak as a nick name, should be changed to King James as in (lebron)
dang you had qj , and i folded King James
by Jeff Dailey February 05, 2009

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