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f***ing awesome actor. best known for his role in Twilight as badass tracker vampire Demetri and the main reason why people are Team Volturi. he is the golden boy.
TwiFan 1: Jacob or Edward?
TwiFan 2: neither! it's all about Demetri.
TwiFan 1: who?
TwiFan2: he's one of the Volturi guards. 1st see him after Bella stops Edward in Volterra.
TwiFan 1: oooh is he the really tall one?
TwiFan 2: no! the other one with the sexy accent. mmmm love me some Charlie Bewley.
by Jef-fa-fa May 14, 2011
AlcheGirls are a group of fans that support the actor Charlie Bewley. His twitter name is alchemission because he is on his own alche-mission. Alche being a reference to his favorite book, The Alchemist

Created by Charlie's biggest US site Charlie Bewley United and is arguably the most creative fan group.
AlcheGirls get to create their own Alche nickname. A customizable fandom, perfect.
by Jef-fa-fa May 15, 2011

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