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That shit you find on your shoe after walking through the park.

Or a fairly "infamous" forum based off the motherland known as LUE.

Same quality either way.
OH SNAP! I stepped in some LUE2..
by Jef March 08, 2005
Hip hop DJ from Boston. Writes beats for rapper Esoteric and plays at Club Axis on Lansdowne St. on Thursday nights (19+, I believe). His beats are punctuated, rough, and old skool, but make sense musically and are highly layered.
7L's and Esoteric's album Speaking Real Words has amazing lyrics, and some rough beats. Cop it NOW. It's very good.
by jef May 01, 2004
a phrase used by skallywags to cheek anyone about anything
ye wicked bo!, my cars is bad boy racer action on the 7, not like yours, yours is like YOUR-MUM!!
by jef April 23, 2004
Best Belgian tw has ever experienced
Your skills are like cundor's
by Jef May 28, 2004
by saying "on the" and then a number after it can emphasize a point or insult you made. e.g. "on the four" means your a pro townie puffknocker. but "on the 4" mean your well-ace-wicked-boshank.
jonny d:i hate you p-blow, i really do!!

P-blow:thats cause your mum looses on the 4!!!

Friends watching: oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ho's watching: im gonna get me some of that pimp.
by jef April 23, 2004

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