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One of the legendary Nissan Sports engines produced. The RB26DETT was first seen in the Nissan R32 GTR Skyline.

like all of Nissan's engines the engine type (RB26DETT) determines the engines charateristics. In this case RB is an inline 6, 26 is a 2.6 litre and DETT each stand for (D)ual overhead cam (Commonly known as twincam), (E)lectronic fuel injection and (T)win (T)urbo.

another example is the much loved and well known SR series. These are inline 4 cylinder engines:

SR20 and variations
SR16 and it's variations
Read the above... i don't think i need one. And "A little" tuning WILL NOT get you 1000BHP. On average small, common and cheap mods and tuning get your roughly 500BHP. Something special will get you 800BHP and something completely unrealistically expensive and undrivable on road will get you 1000BHP at the FLYWHEEL.

for those of you who think you can get 1000BHP at the wheels:
1) have fun tuning the RB26DETT for methanol, because it won't put out that much on the best premium you can find.

2) Have fun trying to keep the inefficient TT system with power outputs like that.

3) Have fun replacing the hundreds of drivetrains you chew out.

4) Have fun buying new engines because you keep launching the number 2 piston through the side of the engine block and into orbit.
by Jeev June 01, 2004
a term a bigoted confused or stupid people use to describe someone when they have nothing to come back with
<steve> hey bush is an idiot, he cheated his way through everything, he's an alcoholic and he's killed thousands, including american soldiers.
<bush> you're a troll.
by jeev June 06, 2009
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