12 definitions by Jeebus

Pigfucking pillowbiter.
A tubesteak eater
A real Douchebag.
That cop gave me a ticket! What a Zaletal!
by Jeebus October 30, 2003
Oh My Fucking God BullShit
OMFGBS. Sandor's spanking it in the washroom again.
by Jeebus May 13, 2003
Another word for "vagina", coined by Beavis and Butthead while watching a music video.
"Her mouse is crooked" - Beavis
by Jeebus October 19, 2003
When you go to fart and your worry about it "slipping" in your pants. Especially when you have diahrea.
I ate some taco meat and I slippy'd my pants.
by Jeebus October 06, 2003
n. Often used to qualify the severity of a beat down.
"Hit me again Ike and this time, put some stank on it!"
by Jeebus July 18, 2003

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