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This word is in no way related to Jesus or Christianity in any way apart from the similarity in its sound.

The Holy Bejeebus is a figure much heralded in a small corner of Nottingham. He is somewhat of a cult figure in Dunkirk, near Nottingham University Campus. The Holy Bejeebus is a religious figure with supreme power, which is undisclosed to the world. His coming forth into the limelight wont be for a few decades. His symbol is the 'W' which represents the three holies: Holy, Be, and Jeebus - from where the name originates: Holy Bejeebus. His followers are reffered to as Jeebites - currently there are only two: Jackie the Unclean and Pants the Pure.

The religion he is starting up has no foundations or teachings as of yet - but WATCH THIS SPACE.
Holy Bejeebus is the greatest, most supreme being - apart from God.

Holy Bejeebus look at the ass on that mama!
by Jeebite May 21, 2004

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