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This is a combo made up of theStrawberry Shortcake mixed with a Dirty Sanchez and an Abe Lincoln. What you do: Shave off your pubes and keep them within arms reach. While having sex with a girl/guy from behind, you pull out and spit on their back. When they turn around, you but them in the nose so they start bleeding then you cum on their face. Then grab your pubes and throw your pubes on their face. You have just completed a "Strawberry Sanchez with Sprinkles".
Doctor: Ma'am, what happened to you?

Women: My love gave me a Strawberry Sanchez with Sprinkles for Valentines Day.

Doctor: ... that's hot.
by Jedi Magknights January 17, 2005
an elite group of jedi consisting of only those who have overcome the trials of initiation. they wield nametags and maglight sabers, and have unusually strong control over the force.
luk(c)as: are you a magknight?
ben jammin: hell yeah im a magknight are you a motherfucking magknight?
luk(c)as: helz yeah
by jedi magknights January 19, 2005
This is when you do "The Illuminati", but instead of just watching your cum drip out, you literally suck it out of their slit throat.
I'm thirsty, so I think I'm going to give this girl a Vampire Illuminati.
by Jedi Magknights January 17, 2005
used to tell someone that they cant do something, usually when that something is rather..obsurd and supernatural. such as, using your powers as a level 2 druid to create a barrier of trees, when everyone knows you have to be at least a level 11 to even cast a basic barrier spell.
luk(c)as: i can so use candle mode to defeat the sith.

l00kaz: not in my wallet, bitch
by jedi magknights January 18, 2005
When get oral sex from a girl, as you cum you slit her throat and watch your cum come out the slit in her throat.
When I get that girl alone tonight, I'm going to give her an Illuminati.
by Jedi Magknights January 17, 2005

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