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Someone who kills slags for fun and for a better world without slags!
Jordan: " Hey! I see a slag slayer. Run Katy run!!"

Slag slayer: " I'm gonna get that slag!"
by Jeddie July 23, 2008
someone who likes to fuck emos
Omg katys such and emofucker
by Jeddie July 23, 2008
A person addicted to comparing prices on the internet
jordan- Ohhh, look at josh hes on comparethemarket.com again!

Eddie- hes a compaddict, thats what he does
by jeddie July 23, 2008
A Very serious ilness you get from Not wearing leg warmers enough.
Jordan: "Look at Katy's legs Eddie!"

Eddie: " OHH, that is one serious case of legwarmerphobia!"
by Jeddie July 23, 2008
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