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that missing thing in all of your failed relationships. part of the reason it didn't work out/you lost the spark. Life's hard enough when you're just bumping uglies and changing diapers. Doing it up once in a while doesn't equate. Remember variety is the spice of life.
Giacomo Casanova was a romantic type seducer. He was never a selfish lover, gave women the romance they needed in their life. Yes, he flew in and out like a southerly breeze, but their lives were always left in the better for it.
#romance #boyfriend #girlfriend #ex #bitch #whore #manwhore #slut #love #cheating
by Jedah88 August 06, 2012
the time you spend doing shit until you die/are dead, which is you'll spend most of your time being.

shit is everything. you. do.
you're life is a joke. accumulate debt, spend years paying it off, agonize over your children, while sharing in their triumphs, buy a flatscreen to whittle away your college education day by day, and love your spouse like no other, of course until she passes away and then you from a broken heart. or you die and watch her grieve from possibly, but most likely hell, because life had made you such a hard person, you probably lied a little, cheated, but it didn't count, and undercut others to provide what should be basic necessities for your family, who will all do the same
#life #death #shit #vicious circle #cycle
by Jedah88 August 06, 2012
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