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A woman usually in her mid-30's that has two children. They may have a car big enough to accomodate her kids and their friends and all of the equipt. that goes along with them.

She puts her kids first in lots of sports and activities so that they may NOT spend their time on the internet writing patheitc things about good Mom's. It is essetial that the Soccer MOM encourage their children with positive words all of the time so that they may grow up confident. This will help the children so they do not put down others because of their own insecurities and can grow up happy and have a great life.

Listening to top 40 music IS essential so that they may explain to their children what is bad and what IS good in society and how men view WOMEN as objects. This is to teach their young daughters to find a good man that loves her and not her body and to respect herself.

She sacrifices materialistic things that are unnecessary to pay for her children's activities and good schools (with other kids with parents who do the same) CARE.
The soccer mom took her kids to Karate and cheered as they passed their black belt test.
by Jeanneenp February 03, 2010

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