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meaning: many people in an area all having sex. such as an orgy
that party was a sextravaganza!

I was really retarded, so i thought a sextravaganza sounded like a great idea, then i got aids.

:how was your day?
-:man, it was a sextravaganza!
#cumtacular #orgy #sex party #threesome #fetish #whore
by Jean Semens October 21, 2007
situational adjective meaning the mass expulsion of semen at a single time, such as durring a gang bang
oh man, that porno was CUMTACULAR

OMG! that cheesecake was so good, i nearly came in my mouth, it was cumtacular!
#banggang #cum #jizz #amazing #sextravaganza
by Jean Semens October 21, 2007
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