30 definitions by JeVoNeR

two guys that liked to make prank phone calls, there the reason why caller id was invented
caller: fuck you , you, bastard guy!!!
by JeVoNeR September 12, 2003
The best sport in the world, like tennis but not exacly. The most popular place in the world to play is coney island, Brooklyn, New York City
New York City Baby!!!!
by JeVoNeR September 14, 2003
a storage device that uses magnetic disks and heads to store and retrieve data.
when you save something, it goes on your hard drive. it doesnt go on your memory (ram).
by JeVoNeR December 09, 2003
the best Os yet by microsoft, but there alot of compatibility issues with older programs, other than that it is sick. with remote desktop in xp pro i can be in school and listen to my mp3s.
xp wont last as soon as long horn is released
by JeVoNeR December 09, 2003
a finnish company that makes some of the best rifles in the world. sako makes the best sniper rifles in the world.
one shot one kill
by JeVoNeR December 08, 2003
a device used to muffle the sound of a gun when you dont want someone hearing you shoot something
Silencers are cool
by JeVoNeR September 12, 2003
a really small pair of shorts that are worn by hot latino chicks and other girls that should be worn by kindergardeners.
these shorts are sexy because the girls ass is showing and she is probably wearing a thong
those shorts make me wanna jack off and cum in that girls mouth
by JeVoNeR December 09, 2003
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