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a disease due to lack of activity on a saturday night. thanks to recent studies, doctors have been able to discover these distinctive symptoms.

symptoms include:

- dressing up and sitting in your living room.
- anxiousness, fidgeting (checking your phone for texts or phone calls every minute or so).
- talking to oneself.
- facebook stalking.

there is no official cure for saturday night fever, but my advice is: get a life.

"Hi Joanne."
"What are YOU doing tonight?"
"Getting ready to go out with Brad, why?"
"Oh, that must be nice. You know, to go out on a Saturday night. I sure wish someone would take ME out."
"Joanne, are you suffering from Saturday Night Fever again?"
"No one loves me! I've been sitting in my living room with my prom dress on for two weeks now!"
"Okayy. Bye Joanne."
by JeVicSchi March 28, 2011

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