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Mediacom is a cable internet and phone provider that has to deal with some of the most retarded customers who have no idea how to even use email. the customers call in and all think they know everything and expect there problems to get fixed by being rude and vulgure. They have to deal with customers who never pay therebill on time and wonder why there service got turned off. they also also have to deal with idiots from the state of Georgia in the area code 229 where all the inbread retards are moved to after they are born. mediacom provides the fastest availible internet speed and great television service at an affordable rate for the people who cannot afford to pay an arm and leg for the exact same service with another company
mediacom has customers who call in and wonder why there cable is out in the middle of a hurricane when the power is out everywhere and the customer expects it to be fixed that same day within hours
by Jbmuthafuckintier1 September 14, 2009

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