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A firecracker of a little sister.
Frances bitch slapped me again, and I had to tell mom who told me to stop being such a pussy.
by Jazzzinator April 27, 2009
The animal that is created when a polar bear and a seal mate. Not to be confused with OR-A-FACE.
The baby orface was confused when his father ate his mother.
by Jazzzinator April 28, 2009
A person who lies because they are too afraid to come outright and face some one about the truth.
"You promised me that you were going to Rothbury!"

"Yeah but I bought tickets to Explosions a few weeks ago."

"But you promised to go with me last week!"

"Oh.. yeah... Well I didn't want to upset you."

"You are such a fucking Zander!
by Jazzzinator April 28, 2009

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