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Huge MOFO bucket of chicken bought at KFC's or someone like them
Let's go grab a bucket 'o cluck at KFC's
by Jazzy Jeff January 16, 2004
Generally a male of simple origins who gets his style from the eletric shaver at Supercuts
Look at that butchering, hes such a supercut sammy...Just tell his haircut looks good, even if he is a supercut sammy
by Jazzy Jeff April 24, 2004
generally a male whose pectorals look like piles of shit
Glen's gaining so much weight he's developing a poopchest
by Jazzy Jeff April 24, 2004
(N) has the same definition of a herb, except specifically applied to jewish herbs..especially those named Jason
Hes such a herbowitz he couldnt finish one beer without bitching
by Jazzy Jeff April 24, 2004
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