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By humming while blowing air into a Saxophone. Creating a raspy rock tone to your playing. Growl takes many years to perfect. But while playing the deeper your humming, while being off-key your Growl will sound even better!
On my solo last night at the Jazz Concert. I Growled so well to the best of the song!

My Saxophone Growl get's better every time I try it!
by Jazzy Chase June 03, 2010
Candy Dulfer (born 19 September 1969) is a popular Dutch smooth jazz alto saxophonist. She started to play saxophone at the age of six. She has had her own band, Funky Stuff, since she was fourteen. Her debut album Saxuality (1990) received a Grammy Award nomination. Over the years she released nine studio albums, two live albums, and one compilation album. She has performed and recorded songs with several other musicians, such as her father Hans Dulfer, Prince, Dave Stewart, René Froger, Van Morrison, and Maceo Parker. For the Dutch television series Candy meets... (2007),
Candy Dulfer is the hottest girl Alto Sax player this side of Mississippi!
by Jazzy Chase June 03, 2010
The act of breaking your Bong or Water Pipe and then asking to simply barrow your friends Bong. When he/she grants you permission you take said Pipe, use it then take a very smelly shit in their bong. Then return their bong back to them.
Ah man stupid Peter let me barrow his Bong! I'm going to play Bong Hopper with him and make his life shit!
by Jazzy Chase June 03, 2010
Purple Jazz is one of 4 colors of a very strong marijuana strain. Colors include Blue,Orange,Purple, and White.

Jazz is not a popular marijuana strain, yet where found it is very strong and has a very clam high.
Yeah man I just picked up a some "Purple Jazz". This stuff is Dank! I think next week I should get some Blue Jazz too.
by Jazzy Chase June 03, 2010

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