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Defined by Strong Bad when using Edgar the Virus Hunter. Simply put, to go in and kick some ass.
Virus? Let me introduce you to my main man Edgar. Come on Edgar, drop a train on 'em.
by Jayson Vester December 15, 2004
One of the 28 original release NES games that involved a motocross biker in a red suit and bike that rode in timed laps over various obstacles.
Excitebike is one of the best games ever!
by Jayson Vester November 29, 2003
A game that had a big, naked white guy with no cash and prizes at all..
Operation, that game where you can't touch the sides.
by Jayson Vester November 29, 2003
Music that is not punk rock, and not alternative rock. Lighter than punk, but heavier than alternative.
Blink 182 and Green Day are examples of Alternapunk
by Jayson Vester November 29, 2003

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